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Can This Probiotic Fix Your Gut and Hair?

Probiotic supplements have long been promoted for their ability to improve your gastrointestinal health. However, as noted in a 2016 paper,1 gut bacteria also “exert effects beyond the local boundaries of the gastrointestinal tract to include distant tissues and overall health.” For example, the probiotic bacteria Lactobacillus reuteri help upregulate the hormone oxytocin, a chemical… Read More »

Lavender Oil Vs. Hair Growth Pharmaceutical: Which One Won?

A healthy head of hair is widely regarded as a sign of beauty and vitality. So, for the significant number of men and women who experience hair loss and hair thinning, negative psychological consequences, including low self-esteem, anger and depression,1 are common. Hair also serves some important biological purposes, including cushioning your head against blows,… Read More »

What causes hair loss on cats

Anti-anxiety supplements, medications and calming foods for cats If these modifications are not successful, or your veterinarian feels additional intervention is necessary, anti-anxiety supplements such as Anxitane or Composure can be considered. Fortunately, the problem is usually fairly easy to treat, and the hair will grow back as soon as the fleas or mites are… Read More »