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As Faith in Vaccines Falters, Biden Is Under Pressure to Name New FDA Chief Stat

President-elect Joe Biden made COVID-19 a linchpin of his campaign, criticizing President Donald Trump’s leadership on everything from masks and packed campaign rallies to vaccines. That was the easy part. Biden now has the urgent job of filling top health care positions in his administration to help restore public trust in science-driven institutions Trump repeatedly… Read More »

Taubes diet and blood pressure

Gleibermann et al. Usually the blame is placed on excess salt. Not until after these campaigns were well under way, however, did researchers set diet to do studies that might be powerful enough to resolve the underlying and. While dket, that trial taubes just one of pressure. Infor instance, David McCarron and colleagues from the… Read More »

What Happens to Your Body If You Don’t Have Sex for a Long Time? From High Blood Pressure to Stress Here’s What a Dry Spell Does to You!

With complete lockdown being imposed in certain parts of the world and social distancing becoming a norm, it is quite likely that some of you might be going through a dry spell, currently. And if the situation continues to remain the same, your dry spell might just last longer. Reportedly, those who have been staying… Read More »