Innovative Ways To Make Coffee Healthier

By | November 22, 2018
Innovative Ways To Make Coffee Healthier
Innovative Ways To Make Coffee Healthier

Innovative Ways To Make Coffee Healthier : Today’s world is seeing many new innovations in the field of Coffee. The combinations of natural fats, mushrooms and nootropics are making it even healthier for our morning brew routines.

One of the world’s most favorite drink, Today, around 208 millions peoples in United States are consuming atleast one cup of coffee every day. The health benefits of coffee are now widely known, as they are endorsed by Harvard Health for wide reaching effects in reducing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Co-Founders of a functional science company, THINKNOO, have been looking at ways to improve how the body interacts with coffee to improve your sleep and productivity.

After comprehensive research for years, they have developed a naturally-inspired supplement that works synergistically combined with your morning coffee to reduce dependence on caffeine all the day long, and also in the evening, supplement to help break down caffeine quicker at night.


Caffeine takes up to 20-24 hours to completely flush from our body. Taking this fact in consideration this company emphasizes to avoid us from being ‘caffeinated sleepers’. According to Shannon O’Brien, CEO and Co-Founder, “Consuming more than one regular cup of coffee per-day means you’re definitely sleeping with caffeine in your system”. This is important issue that impacts us, that more than 143 million people in the U.S. drink more than one cup of coffee per day (Gallup, 2015).

Steven Austin, Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder say “your mental and physical energy during the day is mostly dependent and gained from the quality of your sleep you had the night before”. The reason why the company’s night supplement, NOOreset, flushes caffeine from our body system using a plant extract called Rutaecarpine. This extract is said to assist the body in releasing a key enzyme used to dissolve caffeine and break it into simpler form. These supplements contains a blend of six coffee enhancing plant extracts and natural products simply known as nootropics, and comes in the form of capsules so that it has no impact of the taste of coffee.

THINKNOO ranks side to side with Bulletproof Coffee and Four Sigmatic in the world of science and caffeine. All of these have also found a way to produce more health benefits into your cup of coffee.

Bulletproof was conceptualized by renowned biohacker, Dave Asprey, in Tibet after noticing an increase in mental energy when he mixed his tea with a special butter. Today, Bulletproof Coffee consists of organic grass-fed butter, an extract from coconut oil (MCT), and pesticide-free coffee; all of which are blended together to offer a creamy-tasting beverage without any milk. This results in a power packed coffee to offer long lasting mental energy.

Four Sigmatic originates from a 13th generation Finnish farmer, Tero Isokauppila, Four Sigmatic offers a less percentage of caffeine coffee that is added by the power of mushrooms. The mushrooms contain adaptogens in them naturally, which helps the body reach homeostasis, or balance in the body.

Shannon adds, “Coffee is definitely part of current lifestyle, making it more important that we have its impact on our health. We want people to enjoy their taste of coffee and their love without any side effects. With THINKNOO, people can keep up with increasing workloads, and sleep well, two hugely important aspects of well-being and lifestyle.”

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Innovative Ways To Make Coffee Healthier

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