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Migraines are more than just a headache

Sometimes, I’m warned. There might be a heaviness over the right quadrant of my head, accompanied by spotting in my vision, little flecks of light that distract my attention and signal the pain to come. Other times, there is no premonition. Out of nowhere, I am struck by pounding inside my skull and unrelenting nausea.… Read More »

More than prevention: PrEP enhances income, trust, and intimacy in Uganda

PrEP is about more than HIV prevention, according to women working in the sex and entertainment industry in Kampala, Uganda. Their motives for taking PrEP were multi-faceted and included condomless sex to both generate more income and to maintain trust and intimacy in primary relationships. Researchers wanted to understand how women saw PrEP as fitting… Read More »

Elderly women more likely than men to have inappropriately prescribed medicines

A recent Swiss study found a high prevalence of polypharmacy (66%) and inappropriate prescribing (67%) among people living with HIV aged 75 and older. Forty per cent of these prescribing issues posed a risk for harmful consequences. Inappropriate prescribing was more frequent in women than in men, which can be partially explained by sex differences… Read More »

Britons are ‘more likely to die of cancer than they were 15 years ago’ because of Covid-19

Britons are ‘more likely to die of cancer than they were 15 years ago’ because of coronavirus – as 27-year-old mother who beat breast cancer twice dies of the disease after doctors wrongly blamed her cough on Covid-19 Experts modelled what effect disruption of cancer services will have by 2025 Around 3,500 patients with four… Read More »