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Kinky Sex & Sub/Dom Drop Aftercare: Important Things To Keep in Mind After an Extreme Kink Session

Kinky sex is often rough and there might be certain physical, emotional and mental needs that you and your partner would need to take care of post the session. Kinky sex aftercare usually involves helping each other go back to ‘normal’. Whether it is physical injuries or bruises or “drop”, one might need special attention… Read More »

WORLD RECORD: German INTERSPORT athlete Anja Blacha is the first human being to reach the south pole solo in 57 days 18 hours and 50 minutes – and sets a new record in extreme sports with her pioneering trip

29-year-old Anja Blacha from Bielefeld, supported by INTERSPORT, reached the South Pole within the planned 60 days and after more than 1,400km on her Antarctic expedition. Anja Blacha is thus the first person to have made it to the South Pole solo, unassisted & unsupported and only on skis on this route length. Heilbronn, 10… Read More »